How To Stamp Out Oriental Cockroaches

The oriental cockroaches are generally called as black beetles or water bugs and it is a species of cockroach with shiny reddish black insects which prefer to hide in dark and moistures places such a kitchen, under bed, basement, car shed and more.

One of the interesting thing with this species is the male oriental cockroaches is of 1 inch length and holds large wings which would cover their 3/4th of abdomen.

Whereas females are of with 1.25 inches as total length they have small wings which distinguish from male oriental cockroach. Although male species has larger wings and they could not able to fly same as female species when it comes to adults they are quite different from them in appearance as well as in activeness too.

The adult oriental cockroach are with very dark black and brown color and remains to be active for 6 to 12 months that is from march to so much of summer.

Oriental Cockroach

How Do Oriental Cockroaches Enter The House?

During those active periods people get in trouble due to the presences of oriental cockroaches. Often they would get struck in confusion how did they get into house and how to get rid them?

The oriental cockroaches finds different ways to enter into your home which includes pipes, drain pipes or open drains, foundation cracks, window screen holes or it may enter through open door and open space. Once they get into the house they prefer to hide in warm places where humidity is high and near to water and food sources such as garage, cars or even in washing machines.

Moreover some people would have doubts that these insects would bite or not it may sounds somewhat crazy. But in real the oriental cockroaches are notorious they do not bite humans but they are quite dangerous to spread infections to humans. This mainly because mostly these oriental cockroaches live on garbage cans, disposals and bathrooms straight away head to the food hunch that is to kitchen and spread infections in the food stuff.

How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches?

By knowing all this trouble you might search for different ways how to get rid of oriental cockroaches which are listed below.

  • You can try of using caulk in order to control presences of oriental cockroaches even through ground level in walls and basements.
  • Ensure the water leaks are not happening, check the machines overflow drains and dry the place.
  • Keep all the drain traps full and covered with cap.
  • Make a habit of moving garbage cans out of moisture less place or from food source.
  • You can also make use of liquid spray and bait gels under all opening spaces, outer walls and in all door entries.

Apart from all the above treatment you need to make sure about ventilating moisture spaces and having primary treatment in open space which would act as barrier for the oriental cockroaches entry and after killing all the cockroach’s lead a healthy life.

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