How Do Cockroaches Give Birth?

As like other animal’s cockroach gives birth through eggs from a female, where generally it releases pheromones to attract the male and some of the male cockroaches fight for the available female.

After this exactly what happens is male deposit its sperm into the female also which varies from species to species. Most of the cockroaches are oviparous where the young ones grow outside from the mother’s body through eggs.

Female cockroaches generally carry the eggs in a sac called ootheca which will be attached through its abdomen.

The number of the eggs will differ from species to species and it will drop the ootheca before it is ready to hatch. In some species, it carries the hatching eggs and takes care of its younger ones after they born.

Other cockroaches are ovoviviparous where the young cockroaches will grow through eggs inside the uterus of the female body instead of growing in ootheca and it feeds them through egg yolks if it is outside the body.

There are also some viviparous features where it develops through female’s fluid in the uterus as other mammals do.

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Cockroach life cycle and its behavior

  • Caring of cockroaches differs from one species to other species where in some cockroaches it hides or bury their ootheca and it never sees its offspring. Other cockroaches care their young one about the birth and through research, they have identified that some offspring have the ability to identify their mother.
  • German cockroaches and its offspring can produce nearly 300,000 more than cockroaches in one year and American cockroaches and its offspring can produce 800 new cockroaches per year.
  • Newly hatches or young cockroaches are called nymphs which will be white in color. After birth, it will turn into brown and its exoskeleton will get hard.
  • Generally, it takes several times and a day peels the skin to become adult. The period between each molt is called an instar. Each instar is progress growth more like an adult cockroach. For some species, it takes a few weeks only to this process. In oriental cockroach species, it takes two or one years to grow as an adult.
  • The life span of the cockroaches will differ where some live only for a few months and other cockroaches will live more than two years.
  • Generally, cockroaches prefer only to live in warm, dark and humid areas. Some will live in wild tropical parts of the worlds.
  • The omnivores and other species will eat anything like including paper, cloths and dead bugs. Where some species will live exclusively on the wood only like other termites do.
  • Some cockroaches will live in the water and it eats anything like organic wastes or leftover foods etc. to survive.
  • German cockroaches will be approximately 15mm in length with wings. Adult German cockroaches are nocturnal which hides during the day time and scavenge in the night time and it flies very rarely.
  • German cockroaches are wingless and incapable of reproduction. This takes complete 100 days in optimal conditions to develop to remove its molt into an adult.