How Fast Do Cockroaches Grow?

The interesting fact about the cockroaches is that they are existing in the earth since from the time of dinosaurs.

They are one of the hardy species that have the capability to adapt themselves without food and water for a few weeks together.

The main source of food that they feed upon is plants, starchy substances, and even other insects.

They live in warm, wet and dark places.

Cockroaches tend to cause acute illness to humans by contaminating the food that we consume by shedding their skins and waste.

They also bring allergic reactions and asthma in children as well as adults who have a fragile immune system.

The cockroaches can be a dangerous one to your health. The development of cockroaches is classified into three cycles such as the egg, the goblin, and the mature stage.

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The first stage

The first stage in the life cycle of the cockroaches is known as the egg stage.

Adult cockroaches have a tendency to lay up to 40 eggs at one time.

They are very careful in protecting their eggs and hide them in the place which is difficult to find.

They carry the eggs in a case placed at the end part of the abdomen in order to hide it safely.

The size of the egg case is similar to that of the kidney bean size.

The egg case normally holds up to 10 to 50 eggs. Each species has different types of egg stage length.

American cockroaches take about nearly six to eight weeks at the egg stage, while Oriental cockroach hatches within 60 days.

The second stage

The second stage in the life cycle of the cockroaches is known as the nymph stage.

This stage is followed by the first stage. When the cockroach eggs hatch the small young ones are called nymph.

These nymphs undergo a natural process in their body called molting. Molting is the process where the nymphs shed their skin slowly and eventually becomes white in color and soft in texture.

Molting also is responsible for the growth of cockroaches in terms of their size and it also changes the color of them.

These nymph stages vary for the different species of cockroaches including their habitat, exposure to disease and parasites. Nymph takes an average of 15 months to get matured.

The third stage

The third stage in the life cycle of the cockroaches is known as the adult stage.

This stage is followed by the second stage.

The process of molting up of the cockroach body stops at this point or at this stage.

During the adult stage, the cockroaches obtain a pair of wings.

The primary characteristic to indicate that the nymph has turned into the adult is by the growth of a new pair of wings.

Adult cockroaches have a lifespan of 20 weeks approximately.

The life span of each species varies according to its own kind.

Therefore the lifespan of a cockroach can be varying at the average rate of 3 to 4 months to a maximum of 2 years.

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