How Long Can Cockroaches Live Without Food

Cockroaches are the cold-blooded insects that are common pests that live in households across the world and they are commonly known to be extremely adaptable and hard critters. In which the interesting thing about the cockroach insect is that they can often live for a few months without food.

Cockroaches are omnivore’s animal and their preferred to depend on the species for their foods, but most of the roaches are of common household pests and they are known for eating nearly any kind of the food and species such like paper, little plastic materials, etc.

Some of the cockroaches also prefer starches or sweet where other species are attracted to the fats and proteins, when the push comes to the shove then however most of the cockroaches will also eat things like sewage, glue from book bindings, decaying wood or food, hair and other kinds of the organic matters that they find on the environment.

Many kinds of cockroach species can live for a month without having the food but only about a week without having water where this is mainly due to the fact that these species are cold blooded.

  • Mostly the cold-blooded animals like reptiles and insects take on the temperature of their surroundings, if the climate is warm, the chemical reactions within their body will happen quicker and it will allow them to be very active.
  • In cold weather climate, these animals will become sluggish and slow where you can often see lizards and other kinds of similar creatures taking a sunbath in the water, for increasing their body temperature.
  • When food is not available then the cold-blooded animals including the cockroaches will be keeping their body temperature in the low condition in order to preserve the energy, this allows the cockroaches to live for a month without eating food.

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Why The Cockroach Is Different From Other Animals

Humans, animals and many other species are warm-blooded animals where this means that their body will generate own heat to keep constant body temperature and this is achieved by means converting the food into energy.

Generally, warm-blooded animals require a lot more food and they often eat frequently, so comparing to the warm-blooded animals the cockroach is on the upper hand. These cockroaches are cold-blooded animals where this species is very much unique and different from other animals and species in the environment because these cockroaches live for a month without having the food.

The cockroaches are found to be a special species and it is unique one comparing to other kinds of species, moreover, the cockroaches are of different varieties and there is an abundant number of population in the environment.

The cockroaches live without eating food and they can survive for a month but the water is an essential one for the cockroach and it can live only for a week without drinking the water. So comparing to other kinds of species the cockroaches are entirely different and unique one in the environment. To eliminate a roach infestation visit this site right here.