How Long Have Cockroaches Been On Earth?

The cockroaches are living approximately 300 million years ago from the Permian period began. The Pangaea had a hot swampy warm and desert interior coastline that is filled with the frogs, reptiles, turtles and dinosaurs and this place was also a paradise for the cockroach insects in which you can see different varieties of the cockroaches in an abundant manner.

Up to 90% of all insects on the Pangea were relatives to the modern cockroach insects in which this helped the cockroach to live in an abundant manner and the cockroach species have been living more.

The cockroaches have six fast legs, long sensitive antennae, well developed folding wings and powerful eyes these critters were also omnivorous and could eat anything from crustaceans and fungi to the poop of the 9-foot long amphibian called as the Diadectes.

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Before 200 million years ago the Pangaea continent began to break up, slowly drifting apart into the other continent, today the cockroaches went along for the ride from Madagascar to North America and Australia. After moving to this place the cockroaches continued to breed and breed and they have developed amazing survival traits and its population remains incredibly fast compared to before.

When the fine hairs on their rear end of the cockroach’s body is called as cerci or appendages you can also detect a change in the air current, moreover, they run at the speed of 30 inches per second. These cockroaches feast on the leather, rotting animals, glue, feces and cardboard materials, this trait developed in the Permian era period and through the prehistoric bacteria coursing through the cockroach guts.

This cockroach insect is capable of producing the bacteria that allow the roaches to eat stuff with the zero nutritional value like gathering mold and old magazines in the basement. That’s why it’s best to get a professional roach killer.

Why cockroaches survive?

The success of the cockroach has been based on the variety of the innate characteristics and in which the following things are considered as the most important thing for the survival of cockroaches on the earth. They are.

  • Diet
  • Adaptability
  • Nocturnal
  • Size
  • Reproduction
  • Variation

The cockroaches are special kind of insect and they can live for many days without the food but it cannot exist entirely without the water and most it requires the daily consumption in which you can determine the presence of the cockroach survival just with the availability of the water.

The cockroaches are found to be very hazardous one to the health of the human and their well-being where this insect produces some kinds of disease to the human.

It damages the food flavours in which if there are a large number of cockroaches then the secretions can even produce the detectable odour and also the cockroaches create the food contaminations where this, in turn, create the allergy issues in the health of the human so it is better to be away from these dangerous and hazardous cockroaches and clean your house regularly for your better health.