How Many Species of Cockroaches Are There?

There are different types of cockroaches are present on this earth.

There are about 4000 species approximately out of which 60 to 70 variety of species are found in different countries. The certainty rate of cockroach entering into your home is really high.

You can also seek the help of licensed pest professionals to get rid of those irritating species.

It is better to determine which type of species is troubling you at your home. Here are the few types of cockroaches and their appearance for easy identification.

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Types of cockroaches

American cockroaches

American cockroaches appear in reddish brown colour. It also has an 8 figure pattern in yellow colour at the back of their head. These species are commonly found everywhere in sewers as well as basements. They can be particularly staying around the pipes and draining systems. These types of cockroaches are the largest one in infesting the house and other such places. They are widely active at a temperature of 70 degrees and more than this. They have the capacity even to thrive well in lower temperatures at the rate of obtaining the right conditions.

Brownbanded cockroaches

Brownbanded cockroach appears in brown colour. It also has pronounced banding all throughout their wings. These species are usually found throughout. They can be seen within the room especially in the warmer and dry places. They always go for the higher location when compared to other urban cockroaches. They might be living in the upper cabinets and rooms but not in the kitchen as well as bathrooms. They tend to hide inside the egg cases and under the furniture. They have two light bands around their dark brown bodies. The wings of male cockroaches are found to be larger than the female ones

Menacing species of cockroaches

German cockroaches

It appears in the light brown to tanned colour. It consists of two dark colour stripes on their back. They have well-defined oval shaped. These cockroaches consist of six legs and one antenna. This species is located everywhere. They are seen in the entire structure but most preferably in a warm and humid place. They are seen often in kitchens and bathrooms. They tend to cause infestations in rooms where we eat and drink. These kind of species are important and also the most common one among the cockroach family. They can be a huge form of a nuisance while spreading illness and allergic reactions

Oriental cockroaches

Oriental Cockroaches are very dark coloured. They have a shiny upper part. It is large in appearance. These species are found in all the places. It is often located in sewers. They can easily enter into the structures using the drains as a path. They are most commonly seen in the indoor harborage at basements and plod spaces. They can also be seen in leaf piles as well as firewood outdoors. They are also known as water bugs. In some places, they are also called as the black beetle cockroaches. It creates a foul smell and it is known as the dirtiest among all other species of the cockroaches.

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