How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

They are difficult to eradicate, but nothing is impossible. In this article, we share secrets and strategies to combat these pesky insects and take care of the hygiene of your home.

These pests may be hard, but this article can teach you all of the tricks on how to get rid of cockroaches.

Having cockroaches is not only very unpleasant but, also, unhealthy. These insects act as a deposit of bacteria and can cause different diseases indirectly.

dead roach

The problem is that they are very difficult to fight and there are even those who say they are capable of surviving a nuclear attack. Luckily, difficult is not the same as impossible. We tell you how to eliminate cockroaches definitely.

There are different methods that we can apply according to the specific characteristics of the home and the size or location of the pest. The important thing is to carry out a planned and thoughtful process to minimize the risks and make the most of the measures that we apply.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In The House

Cockroaches have a great ability to adapt to different places and situations, so they can be hidden anywhere in our house and hang around at night.

That’s why it’s key to know some secrets to exterminate cockroaches and leave your home free of pests.

You can do it through chemicals or without chemicals. It’s easy when you find the best cockroach killer

How To Eliminate Cockroaches With Chemicals

To begin with, the simplest thing is to consider some chemical methods that help to exterminate these unpleasant insects from our house.

  • Bug sprays: if the problem just starts and we do not have a colony of cockroaches living at home, we can resort to sprays or sprayers. They are effective when we see a few insects but not when it is an infestation. And they are also good for prevention: if we spray the entry areas of insects, such as doors and windows, they are less likely to enter the interior of our home.
  • Traps to eliminate cockroaches: we can buy adhesive or gel traps and locate them in the most problematic areas. Many people who prefer greener solutions resort to homemade preparations, although in general, they are less effective. But later we will talk about them.
  • Baits: is one of the most used solutions for its effectiveness. However, if we are going to use this method we have to be patient since cockroaches do not die automatically. It is a process that takes a little more time. We can get baits in pills, powder or gel.
  • Fast insecticides: if we want to get rid of the infestation quickly we can resort to insecticides. If we do, we must be careful with the quantities, since they are toxic products and do not work with very large cockroach colonies. It is key to be very careful if there are children at home.
  • Professional exterminators: hiring a pest control service can be a very effective solution if you have a resistant pest at home. It is usually more expensive and it is important to assess the level of toxicity.

How To Remove Cockroaches From The Kitchen

One of the main areas where cockroaches appear is the kitchen, with which their elimination always becomes more complex due to the risk of toxicity.

It is important to know that these annoying insects prefer wet and dark places, so it is common to find them behind and under the refrigerator, the kitchen or other appliances.

roach washing dishes in the kitchen

They also tend to get inside cupboards or kitchen furniture, cracks or crevices in the wall, drains, pipes, faucets, food storage areas or near the garbage.

Therefore, if we want to keep these bugs away from our beloved kitchen, we must pay close attention to wet sites, fix fissures in pipes, seal the holes surrounding the appliances and keep the place as dry as possible.

It is also essential to empty and clean shelves every so often to take care of their hygiene and keep them free of pests.

Another point that we must address if we want to eliminate the pests from our kitchen is what the cockroaches eat . The truth is that they ingest anything that we can imagine but they are especially attracted to sweets and starch. Therefore, it is best to store all food, including pet food, in airtight containers and make sure you do not leave dirty dishes, pots or pans in the sink.

How To Fight Cockroaches Without Chemicals

Some people prefer to dispense with the use of chemicals in their fight against home insects. Luckily, there are several recipes to combat the cockroaches that we can prepare with what we have at hand. We tell you what they are.

bay leaves

  • Bay leaves: if we do not want the cockroaches to enter our house, we can put bay leaves in the possible entrances. The smell of this plant is too strong for most insects.
  • Onion and boric acid powder: if we combine these ingredients, we can prepare an economical but effective paste. To make it we must mix half a small chopped onion, half a cup of wheat flour, beer or water, sugar and four tablespoons of boric acid powder. Then, we put the preparation in a bottle and make a small hole in the lid to place it precisely in the corners where there may be cockroaches. This technique is not recommended for those who have pets since it can be toxic for them and it is difficult to constantly take care that they do not get close to it.
  • Lavender: like laurel, lavender can help us fight against insects. We can locate pieces of fresh lavender in damp and dark places where there might be cockroaches. Its aroma is very strong, and although it may be delicious for humans, it tides our little friends.
  • Sugar and baking soda: as we mentioned earlier, cockroaches like sweets but it is not good for their health. If we want to eradicate them, we can prepare a mixture of sugar and baking soda to place in their favorite areas.

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