Removing Roaches From Restaurant

Cockroaches can be easily expelled from your house naturally, but it takes a long time and within it could be dangerous.

You can get rid of these annoying insects right away by exposing the areas in your restaurant with toxic chemicals but nothing can be more dangerous to you and to your customer.

roaches in restaurant

You can prevent the problem entirely by following a few steps that would also make your kitchen hygienic.

  • You should keep your kitchen neat and clean. Remember, cleanliness must be the key to your kitchen. It is better to prevent it before it could become more dangerous. Cockroaches are much and more attracted to food residue, mainly grease. So, it is a good way to clean the shelves, wash the dirty dishes then and there, wiping out dirt in stove top, mainly sweeping the floors before you leave the restaurant.
  • Do not forget to seal up cracks in kitchen areas because cockroaches may thrive in the small spaces. It takes a little effort but it is worthwhile. Even, there is nothing to wonder if a bandicoot stays there.
  • Cockroaches cannot live for many days without water. So, if you properly seal up the leaks that would be one of the right measures, you are initiating. Water moisture in your kitchen can make the floor really dirty. It can also be prevented.
  • It is recommended to keep the place cool. You might have noticed that cockroaches spread their wings to fly in the summer season. Usually, roaches like if the temperature is heated up. That is because they use up their muscles more when they feel heated up. We know very well that it is impossible to control or change the weather but you can try to keep the restaurant’s kitchen as cool as possible. Though it can actually get rid of cockroaches, at least it can confine them in the ground.

Homemade repellents method

  • You can kill cockroaches in a better way without actual insecticide. Do you know, cockroaches breathe through their outer skin layer that covers their entire body. If you mix a little amount of soap solution with the water and spray, they would likely feel difficult to breathe and suffocate to death. This method can be used to stop cockroaches without any harmful insecticides. It is really possible and you could just step on this method.
  • You can also make your natural cockroach repellent and it could be better bait. Take three parts of boric acid and one part of finely powdered sugar. Mix them completely and spray them. The sugar just woos the cockroaches while boric acid kills it. Although boric acid is dangerous to us, it can be handled carefully. You can spray it in the places where the little fingers or nose cannot be reached. It is most welcome to sprinkle it under big refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers and also under sinks. Spray it into cracks as well as along the edge of cabinets and pantries.