The Truth About What Attracts Cockroaches

Imagine that you walking into your kitchen at the middle of the night and switch on the lights you will see lots of cockroaches running here and there which tries to hide from you as if you entered into their place almost you steeped on, you also miss other cockroaches eating your foods on counter top.

Then on next day if you take a bite of an apple, you will get mouthful of the disgusting bacteria left behind by the cockroaches.

All it starts with a single cockroach enter into your home and it will invite its friend and then they will reproduce and multiply at a ridiculous ratio.

What pulls their fascination in the first place for cockroaches?

Food ensures the strong smell to attract them, food means the food you eat and the food you toss out in your kitchen.

crumbs spilled on bed

They don’t even bother if it is in dirty place, or that if you put in the trash also all it matters is food.

Even it will be attracted by water and shelter also, some of the cockroaches live in water where the stagnation of water or leak is found, also it hides in the other places where you can’t reach them, where the places like closed cabinets, the shelfs which contains more things where you can’t reach easily and regularly.

How to avoid cockroaches in your home?

  • First, always through your food in your trash when you are done with eating and clean the area. If you keep your food on counter, then wrap it up or put it in the refrigerator. If food got spoil it will develop a strong odor and that will attract their attention easily.
  • Always cover your trashes and keep, take care of your trash bins, Clean it regularly or else bad smell will come from your trash bins to avoid this clean your counter tops and sweep your floors after cooking in the night time so you can avoid the cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches also attracted to the mist place and it seeks the water. You can find these types of cockroaches in your home where the leaky pipes are found and it is perfect for them to live. So avoid the water leaking in your kitchen sink, bathroom sinks to avoid the cockroaches.
  • Even they will attract towards to the shelters, if you have a dark place where you cannot reach they will hide there to avoid it keep your house clean and neat especially clean your kitchen and cabinets and also clean the closed cabinet where the food is stored regularly so you can avoid hiding them mostly inside it.

The conclusion is cockroaches are mostly attracted to three modest things, which are food, water and shelter.

They first attract by the smell of the food.

Then find water as a source of suitable place to settle, where they can find water leakages and in drain of your sinks.

Once if you take necessary step to prevent attracting the cockroaches then it will help you to get rid of them in your home.

If you have a serious infestation it may be time to look into buying a reputable cockroach killer.