Which Animals Eat Cockroaches?

In home, cockroaches make many disgusting things and it is much less to fall as prey to predators naturally. These cockroaches seek the house where they can find food, water and safety to live.

Mostly cockroaches die because of it old age and sometimes as a feed for other creatures.

These cockroaches lay their eggs inside the cockroach egg case to multiply their count and some insect releases the spores with affected fungus and bacteria with it to another host.

Natural roach killers include amphibians, mammals, avian and other reptiles.

Hedgehogs will eat cockroaches in nature and also other species like frogs, lizards, some kind of birds, turtles, rats and mice.

Also some of the spider, certain type of mites, roundworms, centipedes and some ants eat cockroaches as pray, the ants like invasive red imported fire ant (RIFA), other argentine ants i.e. black sugar ant eat cockroaches as a pray.

Mostly lizard will eat the cockroaches inside the house which is categorized under reptiles.

cockroach eating lizardcockroach eating lizard

Unknown Facts About Cockroaches

  • A cockroach can live without head for an entire week. There is only some possible reason for a cockroach to die is that if it can’t drink water without the head because it needs moisture to live.
  • Cockroach can move one place to another with the travel speed of three miles per hour and there are two types one is German cockroach which only lives through the food, that will be half an inch in length with yellowish brown in color with brown strips which is commonly found in many places and another one is American cockroach which only lives through water and it will be one and half inch in length with reddish brown in color.
  • Cockroaches can live without food up to a month and also it can survive underwater up to 30 minutes and can hold its breath for long as 40 minutes.
  • Cockroaches mostly live inside the closed place where you cannot reach mostly like cabinets and cupboards.
  • If you have pets like mice, rat, cats and dogs they will catch the cockroaches and eat it. Sometimes you can see that your cat will be playing to catch the cockroaches and other insects so that pet animals in home will prevent to kill the cockroaches easily.
  • In indoor area pets will eat the cockroaches and in outer spaces like garage and in garden toads eats the cockroaches. For toad’s, frog’s and lizard’s cockroaches are worst enemies and it is the favorite food for these animals and mammals if they were around the place where the cockroaches they won’t leave them without eating, in one sitting it will catch so many numerous amount of cockroaches.

To get rid of cockroaches from house without any harmful pesticides then you can use some natural remedies like having pets in your home and also you can place the mixture of baking soda and sugar in areas where they will reach.

If they eat that mixture, it will cause them the result as death because cockroaches have high acid content in the stomach so it reacts.

Other natural remedy is using Epsom salts and bay leaves in the closed cabinets which are poisonous to them.