What Temperature Kills Cockroaches?

About 30 cockroach species are associated with human habitats. For species of these cockroaches are recognized pests.

These cockroaches are insects of the Blattodea order including the termites.

Tropical cockroaches are bigger than the temperate cockroaches. Gregarious German cockroaches have a well elaborate social structure including social dependence, common shelter, kin recognition, and information transfer. Many cockroaches are dirty pests and inoffensive.

Cockroaches – heat-seeking insects

Many species of cockroaches prefer to live in a warm temperature.

They tend to infest the indoor rather than garden. Pennsylvania wood cockroaches usually live under the logs or dark and damp outdoor spaces.

Oriental cockroaches survive in the outdoor environment with the temperature fall lower than freezing.

Some cockroaches may move from the garden to the indoor of the property when the weather gets cold. They seek a warm temperature to hide and live. They are able to survive outdoors in the sheltered areas.

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Cockroaches are cold-blooded organisms and adapted to live in the warm temperatures.

They are unable to regulate the temperature of their own internal body.

They cannot survive in the environment which is either too cold or hot. Members of maximum species die when they get exposed to the temperature below 0 or further than 115 Fahrenheit for a prolonged period.

Subtropical cockroaches like Surinam and Australian cockroaches unlikely survive in the garden with the cold winter.

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Cockroaches and the temperature

The overall activities of cockroaches are limited with the falling temperatures.

Cockroaches may stop their growth and reproduction when they are exposed to the temperature below 45-degrees for a long time. If they gradually exposed to the cold temperatures, then they may be able to adopt such a temperature. For example, Oriental cockroaches are able to survive long in the subfreezing temperature when these insects are first subjected to the low-temperature acclimation period.

Psychological responses of cockroaches to the low temperature may be enough to keep them alive in the cool temperatures.

However, the temperature must gradually drop to let the responses to take effect. Cockroaches’ defense mechanisms may not react quickly when the temperature drops quickly enough to save them.  Cockroaches prefer warm surroundings to live in and enhance their main breeding season.

They infest the interiors of the property like the garages and kitchens instead of exteriors like gardens.

There is an increased chance of a cockroach infestation in your home which remains warm for a prolonged time.  You have to regularly check cockroaches present in your home and follow the best method to get rid of such insects.

You may think about what cockroaches do when they have infested.

They have established themselves in a particular item in the garden like the box in the garden shed.

You can kill cockroaches when you place the item inside the plastic bag and place it in the freezer.

Now, leave the bag in the freezer for 5 days and clean it thoroughly.

You must ensure that you dispose of every dead cockroach and their egg cases before you take such item back into your garden.