Why Are Cockroaches Called Cockroaches?

The cockroach name was derived from the Spanish language called Cucaracha and it means cockroaches.

The transition of the word changed its pronunciation and now it got the English slang over time.

This is how the Cuca-Racha has become a cockroach. The scientific name of cockroaches derived from the Latin word.

The orders of it were also named according to the styles of Greek and Latin. The order of cockroaches is Blattodea which originated from Blatta as well as Blatt.

Origin of cockroaches

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There are around 4300 species of cockroaches discovered around the earth.

Out of these species, only 30 to 35 are pests. There are also many cockroaches that are not yet discovered are inside the dense tropical forests.

Cockroaches are the most ancient insects on the earth. The research reveals that cockroaches were living on the earth during the period of dinosaurs. They have the capability to survive anywhere around the earth except in polar regions and also at an altitude of more than 2000 meters.

Their inhabitance exists in places like tropical rainforests, tropical forests, temperate forests, hot deserts, grasslands and also sea marshes.

These super insects can also live without water for a few weeks, can fly, crawl fast, oldest ones and can also survive even after exposure to high-level radiation. They would even survive by consuming their own vomit and other cockroaches.

The surviving and eating habits of cockroaches are known as coprophagy, Emetophagy, cannibalism, thixotropic, dioecious and oviparous. Autophagy means eating their own vomit. Cannibalism means eating their own kind.

Thigmotropic means love for tight spaces and secure hideouts. Dioecious means to have differences that are distinct between male and female.

Oviparous means producing eggs outside the body.

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The evolution features

There is no proven origin for cockroaches since they are present at the first time of the insect discovered.

It is known as that the cockroaches are from tropical regions. They have discovered a roach fossil which dated around 355 million years ago.

The cockroaches are found worldwide. That fossil copy of the roach species could be exciting even today.

They have also adapted themselves according to evolution and are living alongside humans. The roach species are found in every continent.

The human explored new places and found only the roaches commonly around everywhere.

The time period where cockroaches lived is known as carboniferous times.

Cockroaches are the first expanded species in the insect world.

Their evolution history is marked well with their optimum body changes and also other key features.

The main example for the key feature is folding wings.

They have made this to protect themselves from their predators. They are very successful after surviving the great extinction and other dangers.

The traits of them were gained only after thousands to million years together.

The main helpful adaptation that exists in cockroach body is the gut and fat bodies which are the harbor for the presence of different kinds of symbionts.

These microbial organisms in their body are much helpful in their digestion process