Why Are Some Cockroaches White?

These white roaches are the worst species among the Blattidae family of cockroaches. The other names for these cockroaches are albino cockroaches and molting cockroaches. They are the regular species which results in the molting stage.

These cockroaches hatch from the egg sacks and crawl around everywhere in search of food and water.

The cockroaches are white in color on the time of birth. At the time of getting matured, they undergo the stages of molting.

The color changes in the body appear during the end time of molting stage.

They tend to change from white color to black color.

Sometimes they also tend to shed their black and brown colored shell on the times of molting. This process results in the new creamy colored shells along with their exoskeleton.

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The reason behind the color change

The body of cockroaches undergoes few chemical reactions to get changed which takes up to a few hours. It is a very rare case to see the white ones. Cockroaches hide at the safe zone at the time of shell molting because their body seems to be quite vulnerable at this stage.

Their hideouts would be usually a dark and damp place. The molting process affects the pigmentation of their body which makes the cockroaches lose its pigment drastically whereas it does not affect the shells at any cost.

These white cockroaches are the regular cockroaches which did not develop their skin and shell at the molting stage. The molting stage develops the shell, body chemical and body pigmentation which is failed in the bodies of some cockroaches that end up to have a white or creamy color.

Some of them call it has albino but it is not the exact thing to call it as albino. The reformation of the shell is not caused by the albinism.

Is it dangerous?

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Many of them who accidentally encounter to see the white cockroaches would be left with full of shock.

This happens only in the rare case. These cockroaches are not poisonous ones because they do not possess any kind of poisoning substances within their body. These white cockroaches are known as trey. They also carry germs that may cause severe disease and illness to the children and pets in your home.

A simple tip to keep cockroaches away from the house is to clean your home regularly and seal any holes and crevices.

Make sure that there is no opening for them to enter. A small step can reduce their numbers in their home.

White cockroaches are omnivores which eats dead plants as well as rotten meats. Sometimes, they also eat human flesh in alive or dead condition.

They are likely to bite the fingernails of humans especially eyelashes, skin, and hair. They do not try to bite the live human because they are scared.

The cockroach bite may lead to some kind of irritations, lesions and also other health problems. There are also a few chances to create some minor wounds.

These cockroaches depend on other things for food when they undergo food shortages