Why Are They Called Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are also known as roach, which are the insects that exist since from ancient times. It belongs to the order Blattodea and there are about 4,600 species among that 30 species were associated with human habitats and in that four species are known as pests.

The word cockroach derived from the Spanish language Cucaracha which has been translated in English as a cockroach. According to the research made the scientist came to know most of the roaches were from the tropical regions worldwide and they will adapt to the colder conditions.

The cockroach distribution was all over the world and they have evolved to live along with the humans well. The cockroach has been distinguished by a flattened oval shape body with long thread-like antennae and has a shining black or brown leathery skin.

The head of the cockroach is bent downward and their mouthparts will be pointed backward. Commonly, the roaches prefer to live in a warm, humid and dark environment so they can be seen during the tropical or in other mild climates.

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Classification of cockroaches for identifying them

Throughout the world, there are various different kinds of cockroaches and they live in according to the regions. Cockroaches can able to live inside or outside of the home or both. The roach that prefers to live outside are known as feral roach yet they can able to stay inside the home but their survival does not depend on the humans as they are independent of humans.

The cockroaches that can able to survive either inside or outside of the home are called peridomestic roaches. The roaches which have based their habitats of living only inside the home are known as domestic roaches. With this can able to classify the type of cockroach and it will be helpful to know about them.

Reasons that attract cockroaches to invade the home

The cockroaches are not dangerous species yet they are being problematic to humans as they can spread diseases, may produce an unpleasant smell, cause allergies especially in children and spoils food.

Due to such reasons, they have disliked humans even though how people try hard cockroaches keeps on entering home. The cockroaches were invading the home because the home offers certain ideal conditions for the cockroaches to thrive as their simple needs are food, warmth, moisture, and shelter these meets well with the home environment where humans live.

The roaches were mainly attracted towards the food left over in the container, soiled dishes in the sink, spilled food on the floor and for moisture as due to the wet floor. Likewise, there are several things that attract cockroaches to enter the home. It is better to keep the home clean to avoid cockroach entering the home.

If roaches were being more problematic then can make use of any of the methods available to kill and prevent them. Else can call for the professionals for pest control in home and they will do this work in a perfect manner. To completely eliminate the roaches from your home get the maxforce roach killer.