Why Do Cockroaches Fly At You?

Several cockroach species have the ability to fly on the air, however, only a few of the cockroach species fly because these kind of species are bad fliers. Actually, not all the cockroaches can fly and there is a belief that all cockroach species can fly is not a true one, even though all the cockroach species have wings only a few of the cockroaches can fly.

The main reason behind this fact is that the cockroaches are better at crawling than on running. Around 3500 species of the cockroaches have the wings and they can fly, however, the ability to fly on the air depends on the sexual category of the species.

For example, some of the cockroach species, the male cockroach has wings but the female cockroaches do not have it.

Although the cockroaches have two pair of wings they can only use one pair of wings for flying i.e. the front side pair of wings are utilized by the cockroach for lifting and by using the back pair of wings the cockroaches fly in the clear, membranous and thin manner.

Comparing to the female wood cockroach species the male wood cockroach is found to be the best fliers where it has the ability to cover many miles and this is done by detecting the scent of the female one.

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The male wood cockroaches can assemble in the areas where there are outdoor lights and then will go inside it whenever it gets dark or with the help of the female scent in your home the male cockroach comes inside the home.

The following are some of the species of cockroaches that can fly on the air. They are.

  • Australian cockroach – This is a tropical cockroach species that is commonly available in Australia, its length is almost 23 to 34 mm and it looks smaller in size where there is a yellow margin at the top of the body.
  • Southern cockroaches – These cockroaches are dark brown and black in color and its length is around 20 to 25mm long where these types of female cockroaches have undeveloped wings.
  • Smoky brown cockroach – This is another type of flying cockroach where this species is known for its habit of entering into your house and contaminates the food items with its salivary fluid, excrement and harmful bacteria. It is of about 3 to 35mm length in measurement.

Why cockroaches prefer running than flying

The cockroaches come under the insect species family but only a few cockroaches can fly while some do not have the ability to fly on the air in which the flight wings and the large body mass are not conducive to the speed and maneuverability.

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A large and low flying insect tends to be easy prey for the birds and bats, therefore even the large groups of the cockroaches that can fly on the air opt for running instead of flying.

There are more than 4000 cockroach species are living in the world among that only significant number of cockroaches can fly, the species those fly on the air and they tend to be lighter in weight.