Why Do Cockroaches Come Out At Night?

Have you ever wondered why cockroaches come out only at night?

Isn’t it peculiar how they choose only night time to terrorize us?

Not many people actually seem to know why.

But it is actually rather simple.

They are photophobic. It may sound similar to photogenic, which they are obviously not, but it means that they detest light.

Cockroaches are also nocturnal animals.

roach coming out of cabinet to hunt

Why Do Roaches Come Out At Night?   

It is believed that these tiny creatures crawled alongside the dinosaurs some 300 million years ago.

So God has endowed them with a survival mechanism of adaptation.

Adaptation is the key to survival.

These intelligent creatures have become nocturnal and carry out most of their activity when the sun goes down.

picture of a full moon at night

They Are Nocturnal

Food hunting is a primary activity that they carry out when the lights go off.

They do not wish to be disturbed, and at night time they get ample time to hunt for their food.

They can go on for hours looking for food. They feed on virtually any organic material that they could find from a pet and human food to even the glue on your drawers.

This is also the primary reason why you are likely to find cockroaches in your food cabinet, drawers or your kitchen in general.

They also possess certain activity rhythm – they are inactive during daytime and resume their activities about 4 hours after lights out. But if the place has a serious infestation, they will be forced to look for food at other times.

Cockroaches also possess night vision, which enables them to maneuver at night and look for food. Unlike humans and other animals, cockroaches have multiple eye lenses.

They Avoid Light

These crawlers also have a smart survival instinct.

They simply emerge when it is dark because it is the safest time and also to protect themselves from predators.

Whenever you switch on the lights, have you wondered why they always scurry away?

Well, that’s because God has made them like that.

They are not just photophobic. When the lights get turned on, they sense that their hiding place is no longer a secret and a human detection means dangerous consequences.

These creatures have learned that for survival they need to run and hide quickly.

They Live In Dark Unhygienic Places

These creatures are not adaptable to well-illuminated, dry and clean environments.

Such an environment is not ideal for roaches to colonize and reproduce.

They also prefer quiet places to protect their offsprings from predators. They breed rapidly. They mostly infest unhygienic and dark areas like sewers and drains.

picture of a sewer

However, to say that cockroaches are not dangerous is wrong. They might not cause harm directly to humans but remember that they are carriers of dangerous germs, bacteria, and diseases and they also multiply rapidly.

If not taken care of instantaneously, your house could be scattered with roach eggs and will overrun your place.

To prevent a roach infestation, it is best to keep your house squeaky clean and spray the corners and damp places of your home.

This pretty much outlines why cockroaches only come out at night, and they are ‘supposed’ to come out only at night.

If you see these creatures creeping around your kitchen at daytime, my condolences, but you probably need a good roach killer.

Remember that one or two visible cockroaches could indicate a whole colony of roaches lying underneath.