Why Don’t Cockroaches Die In The Microwave?

Cockroaches can survive in high radiation like a nuclear explosion, so it is not an issue to survive in the microwave radiation.

It can survive due to simple design in their bodies and slower cell cycle in it.

Therefore, it can tolerate some amount of heat like a microwave but not a high amount of heat energy which is produced from direct fire. These cockroaches will be fine if it is grounded and this creature is in the planet from 200 million years even from the dinosaur’s time period.

Cockroaches have the ability to withstand the extreme radiation and the exposure because of its body design. Cell diving in the cockroach will take 48 hours during the week where ¾ cockroaches exposed will not suspect to damage by ionizing radiation at least till the cell dividing is on the process.

But humans are more vulnerable to the radiation because the cell divisions for the humans are constantly happening and it undergoes for the changes regularly and by renewing themselves.

Here’s more information for killing roaches effectively. 

Cockroaches don’t die in microwave

  • A microwave is used to cook the food where there is big different than the x-Ray and for the gamma-ray.
  • Radiation wavelengths only released in the nuclear bombs.
  • Gamma rays and its radiations are quite enough to denature the protein cells especially on the human DNA which causes the high fatal amount of radiation system for wide cancer and birth defects.
  • Cancer is the most common mutation for the inhibitor where it stops the cell dividing of the tumors, not the other growing cells. Therefore, the massive growth of the deposited cells by mutation.
  • However, in cockroaches they only divide the molt during its adult stage other than the molting cells it is not very vulnerable to the kind of mutation where it’s incredible has the high radiation dose can kill anything for any other reasons.
  • Therefore, cockroaches cannot be killed in the microwave but it can be killed in the nuclear explosion due to its high explosive heat like cobalt 60 and gamma rays.
  • If it is a different type of radiation, then the microwave will kill the cockroaches sometime but in microwaves, it is specifically tuned to excite the superheat water molecules from it. Where cockroaches have only a little water in their body, so in some point it will boil its fluid molecules in cockroach itself.
  • There is also a blind spot in the microwaves where the rotating plates under the bottom are used to avoid the heats. Therefore, the cockroaches will go underneath that plate and it will be entirely safe inside it.
  • If cockroaches go under the circular plate in the microwave, then it won’t get any heat on its body or if it is on the plate and the heat is passing it won’t affect because of this simple body design where due this slow cell process.

Therefore, in the microwave cockroach won’t die and many studies show that they survived in world war and Nagasaki explosion.